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While The Wheel Sanctuary is here to help make dreams come true, please remember it is still simply a third party site that puts buyers and sellers in touch with one another. What happens after that is up to you! Sadly, it cannot vet or verify everybody using the site or guarantee any sale. However, if you follow the steps below then you will be in a better position to spot online scammers and keep yourself safe.

1.Stay local where possible and always collect in person.  
2. Avoid gift cards, wire transfers, cashiers’ cheque, money orders as payment methods.  
3. Be cautious when the buyer or seller wants to use an online escrow service. 
4. Don’t commit without seeing goods in person. 
5. Use a counterfeit pen detection pen.
  6. The Wheel Sanctuary does not certify listings. If anyone claims to be “certified” or “guaranteed”, they’re almost certainly trying to scam you. 
7. Research the buyer or seller.
8. Don’t give out personal information. 
9. Trust your instincts and do your homework. 

For a full detailed rundown on practices to help you avoid scammers, click here: https://thewheelsanctuary.com/scam-warning/